What Is The Difference Between RAM And ROM?

We are being transmitted into a world that is all dependent upon modern technologies for all its work. From micro-scale to large-scale workers, everyone’s employment revolves around technology. We all know that with the help of Laptops or Pcs, work gets easier and faster. We can also save our necessary information in it for a longer duration.

But the question arises, with whose help, how, and where this data is stored?

In this article, we will acquire knowledge about the following queries as well as what is the difference between RAM and ROM, which plays an essential role in the storage of data in Laptops or Pcs. 


Table Of Contents 

  •  Overview
  •  What Is RAM 
  • Types Of RAM
  •  What Is ROM 
  • Types Of ROM
  • Difference Between RAM And ROM 
  • Conclusion



Before gathering information about RAM and ROM, one needs to be aware of the term Memory because, without this term, RAM and ROM function doesn’t weigh. 

Memory is the physical component of the computer system which is responsible for storing data and information in the computer. 

The memory of the computer can be divided into two main parts-

  1. Primary Memory 
  2. Secondary Memory 


Primary Memory is then divided into further two main sections-

  1. RAM 
  2. ROM 


What Is RAM 

The abbreviation for RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM, the primary memory of the computer,  is responsible for storing those areas of data and information on which the computer is currently operating. RAM is the volatile memory which means if we shut down the computer, all the data will be lost. 

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  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB ( 2X*GB ) DDR4 3600 – Corsair Vengeance LPX is designed to be fully compatible.
  • Patriot Viper Elite 16GB 2400MHz CL 16 Single Channel DDR4 RAM – The RAM uses a high-performance thermal shield to evacuate heat to ensure difficult system performance.

Types Of RAM 

RAM is divided into two following parts: 

  • Static RAM – Static RAM or SRAM stores a little data using the state of a memory cell with six transistors. 
  • Dynamic RAM – Dynamic RAM or DRAM is responsible for storing a small amount of data using a pair of transistors and capacitors.


What Is ROM 

The abbreviation for ROM is Read Only Memory. A secondary memory, ROM is a non-volatile memory which means data remains stored even if the computer is shut off. 


Types Of ROM 

ROM is classified into 4 main sections: 


  • Programmable ROM: It is a non-volatile ROM in which data is only written after the memory chip is created. 
  • Erasable Programmable ROM: It is a type of volatile memory chip in which data can be erased by exposing it to high-intensity UV light. 
  • Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM: It is a type of ROM in which input can be wiped off electrically with the assistance of field electron emission.
  • Mask ROM: In this type of chip, data is written during the manufacturing of the memory chip.


Difference Between RAM and ROM 


  • RAM is the volatile memory that can store information as long as the power is supplied while ROM is a non-volatile memory that stores information even after the cutting off of the power supply.
  • In RAM, reading, and writing options are available while in ROM, only the read option is sponsored.
  • RAM is high-speed memory while ROM is slower in comparison to RAM.
  • RAM size is large with a higher capacity while ROM size is small with a lower capacity. 
  • RAM is quite expensive while ROM is cheap in rate. 



Hence, computer memory plays an important role in efficient and reliable working. Hope this article proves helpful in solving all your queries. 


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